The Pleasure to Serve Well...

Company History

Founded in March 1984, started business with Steakhouse and Sell Canned Food stores - the product recognized quality has led to increasing customer loyalty and store network was gradually growing.


In November 2000 we opened the first Central Kitchen with the aim of preparing meals for stores of the group and ensure standardization of recipes and confection methods. With this

new unit we're able to centralize purchases, increase the range of choice and create specialized teams for each stage of the production process:

Gradually, the products quality produced at Central Kitchen aroused the interest of a wide range of other clients:


• Kindergartens and schools,

• Coffee Shops e Restaurants,

• Supermarkets

• Take-Away Stores,

• Hotels

• Companies Canteens

• Nursing and Vacation Houses


among others, realized the advantages of using a Industrial Catering service, and become our partners ans customers.


The installed capacity, the know-how and synergies that we've achieved also enabled us to embark on a new branch that becomes a success - Long Distance Catering Services - we support  Portuguese and foreign companies in cross-border projects, providing all food solutions for teams deployed for each location - we implement the dining rooms and placement of qualified personnel to transport the raw materials needed to prepare meals, we do all to help keep teams motivated and lessen the discomforts of being away from home.


In June 2007 we opened the new central facilities. With top equipment and 4000 m2 covered area complying with the most stringent rules of Hygiene and Food Safety, the new facility was designed from scratch to be a productive unit of high capacity, with well-established circuits and each section is designed with its own infrastructure perfectly framed to fulfill its own goals and our employees well-being.


Also in 2007 was created and registered the "Segredos do Chefe" trademark, where we congregate all the knowledge acquired in over 20 years of experience, dedication and innovation in the food area to offer Ultra Frozen products directly to the end consumer. Our products clearly differentiate themselves from the competition by its superior quality.


Currently operating in Portugal and abroad - the past and the present of Brilha Alimentar company makes us proud and we look forward with optimism and desire to, every day, satisfy our customers trough out labor and the proof is the our motto:


The Pleasure to Serve Well...